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I'm an enthusiast photographer from Melbourne, Australia. 

I played at being a "serious" photographer in the eighties, developing and printing black and white film in a makeshift darkroom I shared with a friend. The friend went on to be a respected independent film maker and producer.  I found it all a bit too hard and decided to sit back and wait for digital photography to be invented.

After I bought my first digital camera in 2004 - a basic Canon P&S - I was quickly seduced by just how (seemingly) easy it was to create great images. Four years later, an overheard conversation between two work colleagues led to the acquisition of my first DSLR with two kit lenses. I quickly decided that kit lenses were not for me, became a RAW snob, discovered Lightroom and found out that Photoshop was not just for cleaning up computer screen captures. 

I am a member of the Caulfield Photographic Society and enjoy the opportunities it provides to interact with other photographers. I have no particular photographic speciality, nor do I feel I have yet developed a distinctive image style. However, I do have a fondness for wide angle lenses, urban landscapes and street photography, macro and nature, and am even beginning to get better at photographing people.

I shoot with Olympus cameras and lenses.

All images copyright Mario Mirabile and may not be used without permission.