Laid up / by Mario Mirabile

I had a hip replacement on October 4 which has strangely curtailed my mobility. It's all going well, but I haven't been able to get out much and my crutches and inability to drive for the time being make lugging and using my cameras awkward.

I did get out on Saturday with Trish. After failing to get a parking spot at Half Moon Bay, we parked in one of the car parks about a kilometer up Beach Rd. It was a brilliant sunny day and we were rewarded with a stunning look over the bay from atop Red Bluff. I managed to borrow Trish's camera and snapped off a few shots which I think have a very Mediterranean feel about them. 

The only problem is the high viewpoint. I'd love to get about half way down the cliff face (can't be done...), but I plan to go back in at beach level and check it out. Love to catch the Red Bluff and rock outcrop with a storm rolling up the bay.