A little luxury and ostentation / by Mario Mirabile

Margaret Gurney, one of Trish's former art teachers, was having an exhibition at Yerring Station winery at Yarra Glen. As she was going to be there today, we went up with Gary and Glenda to see both Margaret and the artwork. We picnicked on the banks of the Yarra then went on to see the exhibit. Margaret's work was stunning as always. You can check it out at http://www.gurneyart.com.au .

The winery, like most of the bigger Yarra Valley wineries, has gone beyond being just  a place to grow grapes and make wine. It has lovey grounds littered with sculpture, bars, cafes and a large function centre, so really it's more of a tourist destination (not to mention art gallery...). We happened to stumble on a Mercedes dealership having an event to launch a new model. We didn't score an invitation, but did hang around and observe the lucky ones exiting with their gift bags, and perhaps a new set of keys.