It's moments like these... / by Mario Mirabile

Our friend Anne had been reminding me for months that I had been negligent in fulfilling my duties as official photographer to Minty, their two year old Japanese Spitz. I finally agreed to do a portrait session once my hip had recovered sufficiently and as we were invited to dinner on Friday, I thought it might be a good opportunity. The light was OK if a bit dull and Anne had recently mowed my studio (a very pleasant lawn area edged with a low box hedge and agapanthus in flower), so it looked like we might have a good session.

Minty, like many small dogs, is a very social and excitable creature and after our arrival it was a while before she settled sufficiently for our session to begin. Action shots were difficult as the light was fading and she was still quite active, but she managed to keep still long enough for me to get some good portrait shots.

For those of you not steeped in Australian culture and wonder what the title of this post is all about, see here .