Iced tea / by Mario Mirabile

The stairs at the Bourke Street entrance to Southern Cross Station make a great photographic location. The symmetry of the steps and the bold lines created by the handrails create a strong backdrop which can transform relatively simple subjects.

I was outraged last week when I saw that my subtle studio backdrop had been transformed into a garish advertising hoarding. After staring in disgust at the brightly colored stickers that had been applied to the stair risers for a while, I figured I might as well go with the flow. Every subject I've shot on these stairs till now has come up really well in black and white, but the real in your face effect of the new color scheme screams out for a full blown dose of high saturation.

I suspect that having discovered this new source of income, the station authorities won't allow the stairs to return to their pristine unpolluted state. Anyone for iced tea?