Going wide / by Mario Mirabile

I really need to get my 7-14mm ultra wide zoom out more. Every time I use it, I continue to be amazed at it's possibilities. It's not really a lens for photographing people, but there are times when the odd distortion provided by this type of lens creates emphasizes the personality of the subject.

Harold is a street performer with a huge personality. I guess you'd call him a break dancer, and his acrobatic gyrations are a blast to watch. When I asked if I could phonograph him, he was happy to oblige and put on a show just for me. The ultra wide angle of view and depth of field offered by the 7-14mm meant I could stick the camera within inches of his face and still get the shot, The only downside was a bit of a kick in the head, but it was gentle enough that no harm, was done.

On another note, this post marks my 100th blog entry and nearly a year to the day since the first. It's been an interesting journey, and one I think I'll persevere with. Despite the fact that I've been pretty busy with real life for the past few months and my output has suffered, I'm still enjoying the challenge. I'd like to thank the hundreds of visitors who've dropped in and offered encouragement and support. I hope you've enjoyed my work as much as I've enjoyed presenting it.