A bit random / by Mario Mirabile

I took a walk into the city centre today. I had some banking to do, but other than that I had no particular project or goal in mind. Nevertheless I shoved my little Olympus XZ-1 into my pocket hoping something would catch my eye.

The Oly XZ-1 is a remarkable piece of kit for something that fits comfortably into a jacket or trouser pocket. It's three or four years old (a dinosaur by digital camera standards), but there still wouldn't be much that can touch it for image quality in its size class. This in no small part due to its superb lens, possibly the best on any compact not sporting the name Zeiss or Leica. It's not without its issues though. JPEG output is soft (mainly due to the non-configurable noise reduction), so shooting RAW is a must, and it lacks any sort of built-in viewfinder leading to the usual LCD visibility issues in bright light. But once you get used to its quirks, it's a superb walk-around imaging device.

Heeding the advice that the best camera is the one that you have with you, here are few random snaps from my walk today with the XZ-1.