Work in progress / by Mario Mirabile

Summit Cafe and Bar is located on the ground floor of the building I work in. I pass it every day when I catch the train to work, but it's only in the last couple weeks that I've really noticed the intriguing pattern formed by the booths along the front window. The bright orange lighting has started to stand out distinctly as the mornings get darker, and that's what catches the eye. But it's the organic flow of the booths that really makes this such a fascinating subject.

I congratulate both the architect and the owner who decided to forego a couple of tables to make space for a work of art. The owner saw me taking these shots through the window and chased me up to find out what I was up to. We had a chat and he kindly invited me in to take some more photos. I'll certainly take him up on that because there are lots of possibilities in this marvelous design. but I might wait for outside light to drop a little more.

Not just a gallery, it's also a great place for coffee or a meal. It's at 700 Collins Street, so drop in if you're passing.