Vroom, vroom / by Mario Mirabile

I'm not much of a rev-head. I like the convenience of owning a car, but I get frustrated by the increasing congestion on the roads. I have little time for motor sport and I certainly wouldn't be upset if Melbourne lost its Formula One Grand Prix. I do, however, have a certain fondness for the curvaceous design aesthetic of many 50's European cars.

I'm also not a big fan of high dynamic range photographic processing, a technique which aims to get as much detail as possible in both shadows and highlights. It often produces images which have a cartoonish look with garish and unrealistic colors. I think it can work in stylized images such as these though.

These shots (all from the Fox Classic Car Museum) are not true HDR - that would require several exposures to allow for extremes of shadows and highlights, which are then blended into a single image. These are all single exposures processed using the Detail Extractor pre-set of the Nik Color Efex filter in Photoshop. It produces an HDR-like look which I rather like on these classic beauties.