Keeping it simple / by Mario Mirabile

Simple. Uncluttered and uncomplicated. Sometimes, lack of complexity just seems to work. I find these images soothing. Perhaps it's the tones, combining cool and warm into one, perhaps the gentle organic curves. Whatever it is, they're so far removed from our hectic and crowded lives that even clichéd images of water drops manage to rise above the mundane. 

The topic for our lunchtime photowalk this week was green. We went to a CBD fringe garden where I was snapping the usual assortment of close-up subjects. Then I came across these plants, where a few drops of dew had managed to survive till lunchtime. Their broad, soft leaves provided a wonderful sculptural background, and while I was forced into a few awkward positions to get the shots without disturbing the droplets, I'm happy with the results. If nothing else, they'll make fine desktop wallpapers.