Get to the point (with thanks to Mr. B) / by Mario Mirabile

Scott is a recent addition to our lunchtime photo troupe. Each week he has managed to produce at least one image which reveals a good eye for simple and striking composition. This week it was a picture centered on the traffic flow arrows painted on the road just outside the building we work in. I knew the scene immediately, having seen it any number of times, but I'd never really seen it quite the way Scott had. I suppose the interesting compositional possibilities had been lost in far more mundane surroundings, but, armed with this new perspective, I decided to explore the possibilities for myself.

The roadway in question runs under an overpass which provides a vantage point about 15 metres above the road. Perhaps too high, but there's no way to get into a lower position. There's really no more to do than frame the shot, wait for someone to come into view, and hope they provide a point of additional interest. Quite a pleasant way to pass the time, if you can cope with the curious stares that come your way.

As for the third image, I took it last year and have been looking for a place to put it. It has an arrow of sorts, so it sort of fits the theme here. Besides, it was taken only a few metres from the other two. PHUGAZI? Don't ask me.