Sunday blues / by Mario Mirabile

The Elwood Blues Club is a weekly happening that transforms the bar of the Greyhound Hotel in St. Kilda into a blues venue. Every Sunday night, 'Salty' Dennis Trevarthen presents an ever changing line-up of established performers and new and emerging talent. On this occasion Dan Dinnen and Greg Dodd were the headline with, as usual, several sets by the EBC Allstars house band rounding out the night's entertainment.

To top it all off, it's free to get in - great entertainment and great value. If you're into the blues, get along and have a look.

Tech Talk
The lighting at this venue is better than the last one I tried band photography at, but is a challenge nevertheless. It helps that the venue, promoter and musicians are very photographer friendly and you're free to move around looking for the best angles.

I used my Zuiko Digital 35-100mm f2 lens for the gig. It's a monster of a lens, particularly with the hood attached, but it's hard to imagine a better lens for this type of shoot. It's sharp wide open, and the fast aperture helps overcome some of the high ISO limitations of my gear. I was managing to get around 1/250 second which helped catch some of the more active performers, but even so you still end up with far more misses than hits.