Things are looking up / by Mario Mirabile

Sometimes you need to broaden your outlook when you're out and about looking for a photo opportunity. You can travel to another city, state or even country in search of new vistas, but that's a little awkward when all you have is an all too brief lunch break. Sometimes you just have to change the direction you're looking.

Last weeks' assignment to the lunchtime photo walkers was simple - UP. As well as offering different views, pointing a lens upward introduces a markedly different geometric perspective to a picture. You may even be treated to an aerobatic display by a pair of abseiling window cleaners. Just beware of getting soapy water on your lens.

Tech talk
Converging vertical lines can be an effective way of emphasizing a sense of height. Usually, the most effective images are shot with a wide angle lens, but you need to be careful to maintain a degree of symmetry. If you don't, the image can lose any sense of balance. The best way to do this is to pay attention to your horizontal lines. Even if they're curved by a fisheye len, keeping them even will give the image a solid grounding.

All images Olympus E-5. No 1 Zuiko Digital 8mm fisheye, 2 & 3 Zuiko Digital 12-60mm.