Out and down / by Mario Mirabile

It’s been something of a struggle to get out and shoot lately. Partly it’s been a certain lack of enthusiasm on my part, but mostly a lingering back complaint which looks likely to need surgical intervention. The two factors are almost certainly linked. I do need to start taking pictures, though. A new year of camera club competitions is about to begin, and with it a new list of set subject topics.

I like to use our monthly competitions as motivation to take photos, and try to use something relatively new for each of the set subject topics. I think I have the first subject (“planes, trains and automobiles”) covered. After that we move on to “from above”, for which I definitely need material. A lunchtime walk with eyes downcast yielded this batch of images. While they all fit the theme “from above”, I rather like them for “minimalism” later in the year. But I think that’s a problem for another day.