Diva / by Mario Mirabile

It was just an average sort of night at the Elwood Blues Club a couple of weeks back. A good headline act and the usual high standard jams featuring the EBC Allstars. I was enjoying the music, but wasn't feeling particularly inspired photographically.

That all changed when Isuela Hingano stepped to the microphone. Isuela usually fronts Blue Eyes Cry, but was moonlighting solo on this night. She only performed two numbers, and I'm not sure that it was even on the schedule originally. But she sang beautifully, with power and presence - she was absolutely electrifying. She wasn't the headline act, but she should have been. Certainly my highlight of the night.

Tech Talk
As usual for music gigs, the light was terrible. It helped to some extent that an earlier performer had been wearing a white top, which allowed me to set a custom white balance. Nevertheless, the usual crazy mix of colored LED lighting meant that much of how the light turned out depended on where the performer stood. The one colour shot kind of works with that faded 60s colour print look, but monochrome is the colour of choice here. My 35-100mm f2 is a big lump of a thing to work with, and occasionally struggles to focus accurately in this kind of light, but really came up trumps here.

Olympus E-5, Zuiko Digital 35-100mm f2 lens.