A la mode / by Mario Mirabile

Photographing musicians can be a real challenge.  In a performance setting, lighting and getting good access without interfering with the performance are significant obstacles to overcome. Portraits of individuals or groups are another matter entirely. The challenge here is to capture the character and spirit of the performers when they aren't actually performing. 

I was recently invited to accompany a friend who was going to shoot his son's band, Lazarus Mode. They had recently replaced their bass player and were looking to update their profile pictures. The chosen location was a dusty and cluttered warehouse which occasionally doubled as a TV studio. We managed to conjure a few interesting shots, but decided there was more promise outside. The members all tried to maintain an air of cool indifference to the process, but occasionally let their guard drop and showed they were enjoying being the focus of attention. They're a charismatic bunch, particularly the lead singer, Jake. They frequently play around Melbourne,  so why not try to catch a gig. You can find out where they're playing at www.lazarusmode.com .