Abandoned / by Mario Mirabile

Abandoned (adj.) - deserted, forsaken cast aside. The word conjures up images of sadness, desolation and finality. Probably not something we care to sped a lot of time dwelling on. But, on a small scale, abandonment is everywhere, and it doesn't necessarily have to be sad.

A half eaten hamburger perched on a parapet poses all sorts of questions. Was the eater running late for a meeting, or was it just a sub-standard burger. Perhaps the fact that it wasn't in a nearby rubbish bin indicates that the owner will soon return to finish their meal. Is the neatly spread out jacket holding a place for someone who's popped off to get another drink? Will the welder's gauntlet get the helping hand it seems to be reaching for to help it off its pile of rubble?

All these questions remain unresolved, but the search for answers has not been abandoned.