Getting all misty-eyed / by Mario Mirabile

It's three years and just over two hundred blog posts since I launched this web site.  For me, that represents quite an interesting journey. I've made a lot of pictures in that time, but sometimes it's been hard to find the motivation to sit down and string together a few words to illuminate the pictures I've been taking. At other times, I've looked at my recent photographic output and wondered whether anyone would care to look at them. But still I keep coming back and throwing a few photos and words into the ether in the hope that someone is interested. 

Those of you with keen eyes will notice that Miralight Imaging has a new look - at least I hope you do. I'm told the old look was a bit tired, so hopefully everything looks a bit fresher now. Today's offering once again shows off the benefits of dragging yourself out of bed early and braving the cold. There's always time to sleep later.