(A belated) happy new year / by Mario Mirabile

I've been busy with a couple of photography projects in recent weeks, so I just haven't found the time to blog. One was something I always said I'd never do - a wedding. I feel like I got away with it (only just though), but it's reinforced that it's just not the sort of pressurized photography that appeals to me. It also deepens my respect for those who do it for a living, and do it well. The other was preparing for an introductory course I'm part of delivering through my club. If you live anywhere near Murrumbeena in Melbourne and would like a grounding in photography, feel free to contact me.

I've caught up now, which had me breathing a huge sigh of relief. In any case, I did find time last week to drop in and see the Lunar New Year display at the casino. It's the year of the monkey, but the casino put up a display featuring all twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. For mine, I'd say go with the dragon every year, it's certainly the most spectacular of the mythical beasts. But it was the monkey's turn to hold pride of place at the top of the grand staircase, so a  (belated) Happy (Lunar) New Year to you all, you cheeky monkeys.