Sally sings / by Mario Mirabile

5:30 Pm on a Thursday - the height of the commuter rush hour for Flinders Street station. Quite a good time to ply your trade as a busker you'd think, but Sally Chatfield had drawn only a small, albeit appreciative audience. Perhaps rushing to get on a train and get home to put your feet up or get dinner for the family was more on most peoples mind. But those who did stop to listen to Sally accompanied by Millie Tizzard were treated to an outstanding performance.

Sally, who wowed the audience on the X-Factor a few years back, has a sensational voice and real presence. She deserves a bigger stage and audience. So next time you're rushing to catch a train, stop and take the time to listen and appreciate if Sally and Millie are strutting their stuff. You'll be well rewarded, and there'll be another train in a few minutes.