Landed / by Mario Mirabile

Well,we've arrived in Venice (a couple of days ago actually...). The flight was uneventful and as tedious as any 24 hour international flight can be. I've seen so many images of Venice, but didn't really know what to expect or how I'd react. As it turns out, I continue to be charmed and amazed every time I walk round a corner, particularly away from the main tourist drawcards.

Although we're yet to see the sun and the light is very flat, I've been snapping away happily. I haven't had any downtime to speak of till now (it's raining) to have a good look at what I've been capturing, but I did promise you a picture of a gondola to prove we've arrived, so here it is. The second picture is from the end of our "street" - our accommodation is down the end on the right. And, just in case a gondola doesn't float your boat, how about a gondolier?

P.S. If the pictures look a bit funny, it's because I'm editing them on my laptop, which must have one of the worst screens known to man.