Paralysis through analysis / by Mario Mirabile

Three years ago when I first started posting pictures to this site, I was happy to put anything out just to get a couple of posts up per week. Not that I'm saying the work was necessarily bad, just that I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about it. Whatever I'd shot that day would go up with a few choice words. These days, I'll go out shooting and come back with what I consider good images, but I'll spend a lot of time wondering if they're good enough. The question of course, is "Good enough for what?". Good enough for me, good enough for you, good enough for the world? 

Part of the problem is no doubt is that I feel that much of what I'm doing has been done before. By me or by others doesn't really enter into it. While I was overseas, everything was new and fresh - to me at least - and it didn't matter that everything I saw and photographed had been seen and photographed by innumerable eyes. Now that I'm mostly treading the worn paths of inner Melbourne, it's hard to see it through anything but jaded eyes. And yet I'm constantly finding new ways to see it, so I just need to take a breath and stop thinking about it so hard. A case in point are the innumerable arrows painted on roads and driveways that I seem to keep finding ways to incorporate into pictures. Perhaps there's a project in there somewhere.