A developing situation / by Mario Mirabile

Sometimes you struggle to see anything that seems worth pointing the camera at. This usually happens to me when I haven't had a change of scene for a while, and treading the same familiar paths becomes a bit, well, too familiar. But there's always a different viewpoint to discover if you're patient and alert. That happened over the last couple of days, and it turned into something that continued to develop. 

Strolling down one of Melbourne's street art covered laneways, I spotted a couple of discarded spray paint cans and it seemed there was a story there somewhere. I started working the scene, kicking the cans on to a grille which added some interesting lines to the composition. Then, for some variety, I waited for someone to walk into the shot. The only problem with that is that when people see you crouched down with the camera close to the ground, they'll often - kindly they think - stop and wait for you to get your shot, not known that they're meant to be part of the shot. Still enough people passed that I got something to work with. But, for me, the gold came when someone decided to hurry through the scene, even doing a little jump to get through quickly.

So, if your vision is just not working for you, have patience, the shots are out there.