Everybody's got to work / by Mario Mirabile

January  has come to an end, and with it the summer holiday period. The post-Christmas lull when things are a bit more relaxed seems to be getting shorter each year. Now, everything seems to get into full swing almost from Boxing Day, when the stores clear out their excess inventory and try to pretend that you're getting a bargain. I can remember when absolutely nothing seemed to happen through the whole of January, and the Australia Day holiday marked the point when thing started ramping up.

But now Christmas is a distant memory, so there's no excused for slacking off. Even the school year has started and once again students are hogging the best seats on the commuter trains. As the title of this post (taken from an 80s Uncanny X-Men song) proclaims, it's time to get to work. Whether that entails peering into holes, strenuously propping up a sign while having a smoke, or looking cool while making coffee doesn't really matter. Just get the job done and look forward to your next holiday.