Metropolis / by Mario Mirabile

I have been mulling over the germ of an idea which may eventually form part of a collection. The idea - "In Melbourne" - is a series of images, all featuring one or more people, taken in Melbourne, but which do not necessarily feature any particular recognizable Melbourne locations. It's not intended to be a travelogue, but rather a series of snapshots of living in Melbourne. The pictures could all be considered street photography, but perhaps not in the classic sense. They all have a degree of post-processing and manipulation which would be frowned upon by street photography purists, but which sits very comfortably with the way I perceive my art.

In looking back through street photographs I've taken in Melbourne over the last few years, I can see some themes emerging, and perhaps even the beginnings of a distinctive style, something which I didn't really think I possessed. I certainly like strong graphic elements, and I generally look for (or create) uncluttered compositions. The end result doesn't always fit that mould, but a little variety keeps things interesting.