Footy fever / by Mario Mirabile

Australians are a people whose passion for sport is renowned, and few sports fire the parochial flames of our sporting passion more than football. Not that odd game played with a round ball, but Australian football. From March to September, a game which attracts only peripheral interest outside Australia (and even in some Australian states) has hordes of loyal fans putting on team colours to cheer their team on. Few, however, demonstrate their loyalty and support like Troy West. Every week of the season, Troy's alter ego Catman emerges from hiding to cheer on his (and my) beloved Geelong Cats to success.

It doesn't always work out, and this week the Cats inexplicably failed to fire. Still, it gave me an opportunity to continue gathering pictures of supporters for a little project I've had bubbling away in the back of my mind for a few weeks. It's called "We are Geelong" and, with more than two hundred individual portraits, hopefully conveys the passion which fires the faithful. 

Even though the Cats failed to fire this week, hopefully next week will be a different story. Either way, Catman and the faithful will be there to show their support.