Farewell to summer / by Mario Mirabile

It’s been a funny summer in Melbourne. It started with a few wild storms in December, but there hasn’t been any rain of consequence since. The really hot weather came only in short bursts, till February brought a protracted torrid and humid spell for which I felt totally unprepared. And now March - usually the most settled and balmy month of the year - has been all over the place.

The weekend just past, was a case in point. Windy and humid with passing storms, it provided a bit of everything. But, as if to give everyone one final chance to farewell summer, Sunday evening was near perfect. And what more perfect place to spend a balmy evening that St. Kilda. Restaurants and bars aplenty if that’s your taste, a bit of Zumba dancing, or just taking time out to feed the seagulls. Something for every taste - just like the weather.