Bycatch / by Mario Mirabile

Bycatch is a commercial fishing term used to describe fish caught when you are primarily fishing for another species. Not being a commercial fisherman, I can't say for sure whether it's always considered a bad thing, or whether it depends on the fish. In my case, I'm glad this particular bycatch got entangled in my nets.

I was having trouble getting into the swing of things the day we visited the Steamrail Victoria workshops. I eventually came up with some shots I liked, but it took a while to find the right iron.Fortunately, a band were filming a clip for their latest release on the same day. Several members of the cast and crew immediately caught my attention, and the ones I asked were kind enough to pose for a few shots. Sarah and Prosper helped add a lot of interest to my train fishing, and I definitely wasn't going to throw them back.

And the band? You can check out The Peep Tempel's latest track - curiously enough titled "Big Fish" - on YouTube at .

Tech Talk
Dim light was the order of the day for Sarah's shots. Fortunately she had the professionalism to hold still long enough for the slow shutter speeds required. She has lots of presence and was fun to work with.

Prosper is a real character and has clearly done some modelling as he immediately struck some typical modelling poses. However, I much prefer the shots between poses when he relaxed and let his winning smile take over.

Olympus E-5, Zuiko Digital 12-60mm f2.8-4 SWD.