Is it love? / by Mario Mirabile

Love is a wonderful thing, to be sure. But exactly what is it, photographically speaking? That is the challenge for the current monthly competition at my camera club, and for once I didn't relish the challenge. I had all year to think it over. I had all sorts of ideas, mostly having something to do with smooching couples, but they didn't eventuate. As the deadline approached, I found myself trawling old image looking for something I could use. I'm usually loathe to do this, as  using our monthly set subjects as new challenges is one way I have of keeping me exercising my shutter finger. In the end, I settled on something old (well, sort of) and something totally new.

The old is something close to my heart, and something I've posted here before. Catman - Troy West in real life - embodies one of the loves of my life.  Troy is one of the most ardent lovers of my football team, the Geelong Cats. I doubt I could ever express my love the same way he does, but I'm glad he has the courage to do so. The new is Jippa, a friend's jack Russel terrier. This is a shot I've been tossing around for months, and came together over a few drinks last week. Jippa is a cutie, but her attention span is limited. Her "mum" Miriam was very patient and co-operative, but in the end I thing I agree with the old show biz maxim "never work with children or animals".

So, is this love? I hope our next judge thinks so.

Tech Talk
Catman was a quick grab outside the MCG before a big game earlier this year. Jippa, on the other hand was a full production with light stands, strobes and umbrellas. A two light setup, one from above & slightly behind, and the other pretty much front on. It's good to have an excuse to drag the lighting gear out occasionally.

Olympus  E-5, Zuiko Digital 35-100mm f2.