Winter sun / by Mario Mirabile

Even in the depths of winter the sun will occasionally show its face to relieve the gloom. Full sunlight in mid-summer is harsh and hard, but it's a different story in mid-winter. The angle of the light is lower, and it has a softer, watery quality about it that makes it seem like it's coming through a diffuser. Even the colour is different - more blue than summers' hard white.

All too quickly we were back to gloomier weather, but the brief glimpse of the sun is a gentle reminder that spring is not far away.

Tech talk
Just a few snaps from a brief walk in East Melbourne. Olympus E-30 and the stunning Zuiko Digital 12-60mm. The lens has a versatile 24-120mm equivalent zoom range, reasonably fast f2.8-4 aperture, focuses quickly and accurately, and is super sharp. If I was forced to keep only one lens, this would be the one due to its versatility. Fortunately, no-one is forcing that decision on me.