Land of the giants / by Mario Mirabile

Land of the giants was a 60s television sci-fi series where a band of travellers were stranded in a world populated by 20 metre tall people. The acting and scripting was bad, the effects cheesy. Despite all that, I eagerly awaited and devoured each new weekly episode. I was, after all, only 11 or 12 years old at the time.

What has that got to do with anything? Well, our current camera club weekly competition topic is "miniatures". I really had no idea on how to proceed with this. The best I could come up with was a model boat,  a miniature dog breed or perhaps a macro shot of some sort. But during the week, a simple search of something called Google by a colleague (thanks Jason), set me thinking on a different track. This is the result, and it reminds very much of the set design aesthetic of Land of the Giants, although , needless to say, its executed to a much higher standard. 

And the dog? That's Boo, the miniature Schnauzer. Cute, isn't she?

Tech Talk
Land of the Giants was shot with my Olympus E-30 and Zuiko Digital 12-60mm SWD, Boo with the Olympus E-5 and Zuiko Digital 50-200mm SWD. The real fun was in setting up the giants shot. 

The little camera was a commemorative miniature OM-1 Olympus produced for the release of the first OM-D model. I'd left it unopened until recently in the hope it might me worth something someday, but so many were made and given away that there was little chance of that. It was the perfect foil for the huge Zuiko Digital 25-100 f2.0. Lighting was provided by a pair of small home-made soft boxes and Olympus FL-50r flashes.