Up and down / by Mario Mirabile

I wish I had more flexibility in getting to interesting places to take pictures. Work and other commitments mean that sometimes you just have to look around more carefully for interesting subjects. Sometimes all it takes is raising or lowering your eyes. Interesting objects, shapes and patterns can be at your feet or over your head. And don't expect that just because there was nothing to catch your eye in a place one day, that the same place may not offer better prospects at  other times. Patterns of light change with the sun, the wind can sculpt a dandelion and clouds turn a flat blue sky into a sculpted art.

If you can't get to Venice or Uluru today, then look up, look down or look around. Just look.

Tech Talk
The Olympus E-30 and Zuiko Digital 12-60 f2.4-5 have been a fixture in my work bag of late. A versatile and reasonably compact walk around combo, the 12-60mm even has decent close-focus capabilities.