All aboard / by Mario Mirabile

It was a perfect day for our lunchtime photo walk – sunny and balmy. The only problem was I had no idea what to set for a topic. I dismissed a couple of suggestions which I thought would be too hard in the time available, and was still struggling to come up with something as we left the building. I decided we'd just jump on the first train leaving Southern Cross Station regardless of destination (this is probably not a bad idea for a future trip as well),  and hope for inspiration. It was headed for Flinders Street Station, and as it pulled out I decided on "arches" as a topic, something of which Flinders street has plenty.

We arrived at Flinders street and descended into the subway which connects the platforms. We were wandering around snapping when we were bailed up by an employee and asked - not unkindly - if we had permits. Protesting our ignorance of this requirement, we were directed to the Station Master's office to obtain this important accreditation. With permit and visitors passes in our possession, we strode around like we owned the place. Flinders Street station is full of possibilities, and as the permit is valid for 60 days, I'm sure I'll be back to explore the myriad nooks and crannies further

Tech Talk
Still using the E-3-0 DSLR which has become my walk around camera. on this occasion I swapped out the 12-60mm for the Zuiko Digital 14-54mm f2.8-3.5. This lens was my first upgrade when I got into the Olympus E System,and although its range is fully encompassed by the 12-60mm, I've kept it around. It's smaller, but very nearly as sharp, and my ring flash bayonets straight on to the lens cap mount. A nice little all round performer.