No more stamps / by Mario Mirabile

Melbourne's GPO - the General Post Office - was once located in the beautiful Victorian era sandstone building at the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth streets. Built in an era when form mattered as much as function in public buildings, it was quite an experience to queue for a stamp in the cavernous and ornate postal hall.The post office has since moved to a soulless modern building just up the road, and the old structure now houses up-market boutiques and eateries.

It was long considered the centre of Melbourne, and in fact all roadside mile posts were measured from the GPO. It was always a prominent landmark and popular meeting place, and that hasn't changed, despite its new function. The plinths of its many columns, and its broad steps provide welcome resting places for locals and travelers alike. And it's not too far to walk if you still need a stamp. 

Tech Talk
Not a lot going on here. Some simple shots with some of my older, but still eminently capable gear - the Olympus E-30 and Zuiko Digital 14-54mm f2.8-3.5.