Down and out / by Mario Mirabile

The weekly lunchtime photo walks at work have been back for about two months now. There's an enthusiastic core of intrepid walkers who show up week in and week out, rain or shine, plus a few others who occasionally rise to the challenge. It's an enjoyable way to spend some time, and we'll all get together a few days later and review the results of our efforts. The hardest part of the whole process has always been selecting a topic which offers some creative challenge, while still being achievable within an hour or so and a relatively short distance from our workplace.

I had resolved to pick a word at random and let people make of it whatever they would, but that hasn't eventuated yet. I have, however, tried to mix in a few topics that are a bit more conceptual. So far we've ranged from rectangles and doors through to convergence and minimalism. For the last couple of weeks we've been planning to do chiaroscuro, a technique utilizing strong contrasts between light and shadow, but the weather hasn't co-operated. This week we ended up with "DOWN", which turned out to be harder than it sounds. Hopefully the weather will be kinder this week.