O dear... / by Mario Mirabile

Last week's lunchtime photo walk headed to RMIT University's CBD campus with the topic of "chiaroscuro" planned. When we arrived, it was clear there was something more than usual lunchtime student activities going on. Turns out it was O-week - that hectic week of happenings when students old and new orient them selves to the coming academic term. The familiarize themselves with the campus, join clubs and societies, and meet friends, old and new.

This took me somewhat by surprise. In my day - admittedly long ago in another century - O-week happened in late February, just before the start of the academic year. Now, it seems, it happens at least twice a year. There were activities and entertainment for all, but the most popular appeared to be queuing for food. I managed to score a couple of cup cakes, but the long snaking queues for BBQ skewers, burgers and hot dogs were far too daunting. While I did keep an eye out for pictures which met the topic of the day, the myriad alternatives were far more appealing.