Water, water, everywhere / by Mario Mirabile

Melbourne has notoriously changeable weather, and this spring season has had some pretty dramatic swings in mood. Last week we went from one elusive day of near beach weather to snow flurries and on to destructive gales over the course of four days. Of course, being Melbourne, while it's a topic of conversation, nobody was particularly surprised.

If warm weather has been in short supply, one thing there's been no shortage of  is  rain. While there's been far too much at times, the occasional shower provides some photographic opportunities. Of course there's the standard puddle reflection and umbrella shots, but I've taken something of a liking to rain droplets on steel. It started when I got to the station to catch my morning train and couldn't sit to wait for its arrival, and suddenly I'm seeing interesting patterns everywhere. In fact, it was almost a nuisance when the train arrived on time and dragged me away from my photography. Now there's a first - can't remember ever being annoyed at an on-time train.