Waterfront real estate / by Mario Mirabile

Australians just can't get enough of the beach, and living within earshot of waves breaking on the shore is a popularly held dream. The  bayside suburb of Brighton has easy access to several popular beaches, and also boasts some of the most expensive real estate in Melbourne. The closer to the beach you get, the more it costs to buy into. But perhaps the most desirable properties, and hardest to buy into, are also the smallest.

A row of colourful huts along the beach at Dendy Street are popularly known as the Brighton Bathing Boxes. They have become quite a tourist attraction, and even it winter the beach is swarming with visitors and wedding parties. These tiny gems are so tightly held that on the rare occasion one comes up for sale, it always makes the news, and they change hands for more than whole houses in some suburbs. No doubt, sitting on your front porch on a warm summer night watching the waves lap just a few metres away, is a very attractive prospect. For the lucky few who can do it, the tourists are probably just a minor inconvenience.