Rise and shine / by Mario Mirabile

I spent Christmas with family in South Gippsland. It's a very pretty part of Victoria, with rolling hills running down to pristine beaches, and of course the spectacular Wilsons Promontory National Park. Christmas Day was very pleasant, and by the end I was glad to collapse into bed exhausted. Not due to the celebrations of the day in particular, but by the cumulative fatigue of weeks of festivities leading up to Christmas. I would have been happy to sleep all day, but was woken at some ungodly hour with instructions to look out the window, which has panoramic views of the Prom. The light show was spectacular enough to get me up and shooting, but at least the sun finally came up and dispelled the colour, so I was able to go back to bed. At least it was more entertaining than waiting in a queue for the stores to open in order to snare the best Boxing Day sales bargains.

The next day I was determined to sleep through the dawn, but was woken by an odd dream and was unable to get back to sleep. With nothing to lose, I roused my host and we headed out through the rolling hills looking for light. Thankfully, we found some, but as a result I'm now in sleep catch-up mode again. I guess that will have to wait till I get back to work.