The year that was / by Mario Mirabile

2016 has been interesting year for me in photography. No doubt the highlight was our trip to Italy and Ireland in the middle of the year, the results of which I'll probably be picking through for years to come. Otherwise, inspiration has waxed and waned as usual. I find myself shooting as much as ever, but processing far fewer images. I think I've become far more critical of myself. Images I would have been very happy with just a couple of years ago now just don't do it for me. Still, I have produced many images I'm quite happy with. It's been very much a case of making my way through the valleys to reach a few bright peaks

To start the year I'll post few images selected from a quick review of my pictures from 2016. Not necessarily the best - whatever that might be just ones that appeal to me. None have been posted here before, so hopefully you enjoy seeing something new. I'll also be going through my portfolio pages over the next few days as I don't think I've freshened them since this time last year, and I plan to post a couple of galleries from our trip.

Here's hoping that 2017 is a good year for you.