Saw it coming / by Mario Mirabile

Driving home from the country recently, the sky had that peculiar look that said it was likely to put on a performance at sunset. Nothing I could accurately put my finger on or describe, just something about the clarity of the air and the way the clouds were forming up said "showtime". We got home and unpacked the car and I headed off for a bayside vantage point at Half Moon Bay about an hour before sunset. The sun wasn't quite setting in an ideal position behind the wreck of the Cerberus, but it was near enough so I settled down on the jetty and waited.

The sky became redder and redder, and the clouds formed up on the horizon providing plenty of drama. But when a couple of girls paddled out of the harbour on their stand-up boards, I sensed something even better was coming. For a few minutes they obstinately paddled around in the shadows of the Cerberus while I willed them to move into line with setting sun. They finally obliged and I snapped away as they moved back and forth across the tranquil bay. When they finally reached out and touched hands, I knew I'd struck gold as rich as the sky. The sun soon faded and I headed for home, happy to have seen it coming.