Spring has sprung / by Mario Mirabile

I download and listen to a handful of podcasts each week, mostly involving photography. There was one - the name of which escapes me - which I haven't listened to for a couple of years, but which nevertheless left me with a quote I still remember. "There are photographers who are famous for their portraits, and photographers who are famous for their landscapes, but none who are famous for photographing flowers." Which is not to say great photographers haven't photographed flowers, just that it was probably more of a pleasant sideline than the reason they became great.

I used to photograph lots of flowers. They are, after all, attractive subjects and you can generally snap their portrait without any complaints. I tend not to do it so much these days - it's a combination of been there, done that and the search for more challenging subjects. But it's spring Down Under, and new growth is bursting out all over. A visit to the beautiful Garden of St. Erth at Blackwood provided ample opportunity to enjoy and photograph beautiful blooms. It took me a while to get into it, but in the end I had to be dragged away.