Spiraling out of control / by Mario Mirabile

I used to be able to look out the window near my desk at work and catch glimpses of Port Phillip Bay, and watch the weather roll in from the south-west. Sadly, I was moved from that spot long ago to a series of desks with far less scenic outlooks. But even if I moved back now, the new construction across the road would completely obstruct any view I might have.

The new building is not without its attractions however. It incorporates an elevated open garden accessed via a broad spiral staircase. It’s extravagantly dubbed the “Sky Garden”, and offers views similar to the ones I used to enjoy from the office before it was built. The real attraction however is the interesting form of the staircase itself. It provides eye-candy of a different sort, and one that looks like it will be interesting to explore thorough the year as the sun finds different ways into the structure.