Eat your vegies / by Mario Mirabile

Apart from the very occasional tasty treat, I have been struggling with my regular diet of street and urban fare. So I’ve opted for a change of diet.

While doing my weekly fruit and vegetable shopping on Saturday morning, I decided to make ratatouille. Mushrooms, eggplant, beans, red peppers, zucchini all went into the basket. As I browsed, I spotted a pile of red peppers near the door. Not the large, regular shaped ones further inside the shop which commanded $7.99/kg, but small, oddly shaped and only $2.99/kg. They seemed fresh enough for my dish, but it was their form which really got me thinking. They called to mind the sensual curves of Edward Weston’s pepper masterpieces of the 1930s, and got me thinking of their use beyond the cooking pot. I sorted through them for the most misshapen examples, and while I was at it decided I could use red onions instead of the regular ones. For dessert, I added a few pears.

The ratatouille was delicious by the way.